Kindergeld – child benefit in Germany

On this page you will find help with an application for Kindergeld.

Who can apply for the Kindergeld:

  • who has registered address in Germany (so called Anmeldung) and his/her children are in the age eligible for a child benefit (Kindergeld); children and spouse can be living out of Germany
  • any taxpayer working in Germany (must not have registered address in Germany), e.g. working on different construction sites
  • also foreigners from EU, Switzerland, or from Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Morocco, Montenegro, Serbia, Tunisia or Turkey

Kindergeld is being paid:

  • until 25 years of the child (when the adult child still study)
  • 6 months retroactive from the date of application
  • also for a stepchild, if this lives in the same household with the applicant
Amount of the Kindergeld since 1. January 2023:
  • 250 EUR for a child

How to apply for a Kindergeld?

The application, including the necessary attachments, must be submitted to the relevant office called „Familienkasse“. The whole process from the application to payment can take up to several months.

This page is here for you, if you:

  • don’t understand german, but you are eligible for a Kindergeld
  • understand german, but you don’t know how to apply for a Kindergeld
  • don’t want to waste time with the application and you are just looking for someone to do it for you

How much costs our service to apply for a Kindergeld for you?

200 €

  • basic price for a first child (includes filling of the application + assistance with the communication with the Familienkasse until the application is approved)
  • for every following child 50 EUR
  • First part (100 EUR) is being paid when the application is submitted
  • The rest is being paid when the Kindergeld is approved


If you want us to apply for a Kindergeld for you, contact us on the below e-mail address and we will inform you what is necessary for an application.

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